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Doraemon and friends

Doraemon and friends

Overall Information

Doraemon was created in 1969-70 by Fujimoto Hiroshi and Motoo Abiko . It follows the life of Nobita Nobi and his robot-cat friend Doraemon. Its a very funny and VERY enjoyable comics, I've always loved it. Its always funny to see Nobita get into so much troubles and his foolish attempts to get hooked up with Shizuka. Jyian and Suneo add as a comical pair to the story. There are a lot of comics, so my attempts to summarize each would be futile, therefore, I won't even try. But, to find out more about Doraemon and some stories click here. This site will fill you in on the passing away of co-creator Fujimoto. So be sure to visit that web site.

Meet the Cast!!


Doraemon, he is the secondary chracter in the story, next to Nobita. He has a universal pocket that is linked to the 21st century. The reason for Doraemon being here is because Nobita's grandson can't bear to see his grandfather suffer. So he sent Doraemon to help out with Nobita's troubles. Doraemon is so Cool, he has that hecka cool pocket, and can get anything from that pocket. Doraemon has plenty of human characteristics, such as he has a craving for some sort of biscuit wrapped with sweet meat. He is pretty perverted, much like Nobita. He always tries to help Nobita, but always ends up hurting himself


Nobita Nobi, he is the main character in the story. He is the MAIN charcter in the story, as oppose to Doraemon and everybody else. Anyway, he is a pretty irresponsible boy. I'm not saying he is dumb, he sure acts like it. He gets 0's on everyone of his tests, they really hinder his chances of getting hooked up with Shizuka. DARN!! In the future, Nobita and Shizuka are set to be married, but seems like Shizuka is too good for Nobita. Nobita is pretty perverted, he always seems to want to play with Shizuka when she's taking a bath. Well anyway, whenever he falls into some kind of trouble, he always want Doraemon to help out, such as avoiding his Mom when he screws up on a test or beating up Jyian and Suneo. His daily life consists of

  • 1: Being late for school
  • 2: Getting yelled at by the teacher(punishment)
  • 3: (ocassionally)yelled at by his mom because of his test grades
  • 4: Get bitten by a dog
  • 5: Get beaten up by Jyian
  • 6: Gets Shizuka pissed off
  • 7: Sleep till dinner
  • 8: Wakes up in the morning and repeats from the top


She is the only main girl character in the comic. She is liked by all the boys, especially Nobita, Jyian, Suneo, and. Of course it doesn't matter because she's set to marry Nobita in the future, of course she doesn't know that, yet.... Shizuka LOVES to take baths, about every ten minutes that she's at home. She has a very kind heart, very forgiving person. She is a very good student, always getting very good grades, unfortunately her future husband always gets zeros.


Honekawa Suneo is a fox-faced creep. He lies and cheats his way through life. He is quite bright, if you watch the videos you'll see his knowledge is pretty extroadinary. He is cheap and is pretty much spoiled, he has almost anything he wants, but he wants Doraemon to live with him and give himself some much neede stuff. His best friend is Jyian, a perfect Frank and Ernest combo. He loves to pick on Nobita and get him into trouble, he has a secret crush on Shizuka(like he has a chance). Though he is a braggert and snobbish, you'll see in some of the videos is true kindness really stands out. Of course eventually he'll go back to his old ways.


Gouda Takeshi is the bully of the pack. He is tough and strong and can't sing a damn thing. He sings SO terribly, lets just say he SUCKS!! He and Suneo are always picking on Nobita, he is often jealous of Nobita and Suneo because of all the things they get. So he oftens just steals their stuff and purposely tortures them. He loves to read comic books, and his grades are terrible, though not as bad as Nobita's. He is also always getting into trouble.


If you look closely, you will see that Dorami looks a lot like Doraemon, wonder why?? You can visibly tell that Dorami is Doraemon's sister. Not only do they look alike, but they both share similar qualities. Dorami is afraid of cochroaches, Doraemon is afraid of mice(rats). Dorami also has a universal pocket that is linked to the 22nd century, but its more flowery. She looks a lot cuter than Dorami, well, she is a bit younger than him(and much nicer too!). She has a time traveling vehicle like Doraemon, but its more of a ship. Basically she only appears when Doraemon's not around, or its a real big emergency.

Dekisugi is the all around "perfect" human being in the world. He has excellent grade, good enough to sit on top of the class, he's athletic, and he is quite popular. Only Suneo is more popular because he buys gifts and presents for the neighborhood girls. He is the perfect match for Shizuka, like-wise for Shizuka. He is very kind and modest about his own talents, he never brags. Nobita is always trying to get Dekisugi to do his homework and to make his day at school a bit better.

Nobita's parents are an essential part to the story. His mother is always getting mad at him, they also don't seem to be very responsible parents(sometimes). Not too much is given about them, they are just there to yell and torture Nobita( sure they have good reasons to).


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