Message From Kaca

Let me tell you something pal,something useful.before that how many time have you watched ID4?.I want you all to recall the whole scene very clear.I`ve watched it 12 times and all the scene is so clear to me. You know how David break down the shield,`the cold`am I right?.You see how the idea come and how it made to worked till they succeed to break the shield down. First,David`s Dad `worried of David to caught cold`. What did you think David learn from that words.I hope that`s clear to you that in David`s Dad words there is a knowledge in it natural stage.So when David could smelled it he thought that he had found the way to bring those crafts down.The key point is that he woke Jim to start back work on the aircraft that they got.Jim made the craft ready to fly and put the radio communicator to it.Than the idea of cold has been made to a real thing.They really succeed. Now what I try to tell you here is the flow of the knowledge.I hope in this case you can observe it very clear. 1)Philosophy-knowledge is in it natural stage.David` Dad made it.(Philosopher) 2)Theory-In this stage knowledge is put in it specific definition with equations and numbers.David rolled it. (Scientist) 3)Application-The stage where knowledge is made available to public.Jim done this.(Engineer) That is why I could say that somebody like our lated Tok Kenali was the person who already understand the universe but in it nature stage.If you look back to our great teacher or perhaps scientist like Ibn Sina ,Al Radzi and so on,they know both the philosophy and science.So they could make the magic of the universe.That why I say if you wanna be great scientist you couldn`t make it without Koran.If you put Koran behind than you`ll be like Hawking who keep on telling lie to people.If you take other than Koran (Jew`s Holly Book or Bible etc)than you`ll be like Einstein close but not enough.You got it?.. Alright,the best things to do right now is to learn how to understand Koran while at the same time learn how to culculate and to make equation.Lastly is to pray for our time.Three things everyday till hereafter. You know why I`m telling you this?.You better bare in your mind that our time is so near.It will come very soon.I want we all to get ready enough to welcome it.Don`t be outdated!!..
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